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Our Toddler Montessori Education Program

The first three years of your child’s life is a period of rapid development. We recognize the importance of these formative years, and our thoughtfully designed toddler Montessori program supports your child holistically to lay the foundation for the rest of their lives.   



Toddlers absorb everything around them through observation and experience. We provide sensory activities designed for students to effortlessly absorb new vocabulary and plant the seeds for reading and writing. 



Our beautiful, clean, and spacious toddler Montessori classrooms are optimized for your child, with small tables, chairs, shelves, and learning materials to develop independence. 



Our specially designed learning activities promote independence, coordination, and focus while supporting social, emotional, physical, and cognitive development.



Our multi-age classrooms help toddlers learn to become part of a close-knit community. They grow, play, and teach each other invaluable skills that enable them to become responsible members of society. 

Why Montessori Schooling for Toddlers?

During these formative years, your child starts questioning everything around them, asking “why” and “how.” Montessori education for toddlers encourages their innate curiosity and drive to do things themselves by nurturing order, concentration, and independence. While traditional daycares focus on caring for their needs, keeping them safe, and offering opportunities to socialize, Montessori schooling takes it further by helping toddlers realize their vast learning potential. This holistic approach acts as building blocks for a cooperative relationship, allowing them to transition easily into formal education settings and beyond.  

Cypress Creek Frisco Montessori School for Toddlers

While some refer to this developmental period as the “terrible twos,” Cypress Creek Frisco Montessori thrives on their excitement, determination, and curiosity. Our certified Montessori teachers meet each child’s needs calmly and lovingly, answering each of their questions with sensitivity to ensure their understanding grows. Guided by their inward teacher in a safe, nurturing environment, your child develops dignity, confidence, and respect to become the architect of their own mind.   

Cypress Creek Frisco Montessori Toddler Program

Our specially designed Montessori programs are centered around the holistic development of your child. Here are some of the skills they’ll learn:  

  • Fine motor skills: using tools and utensils, reaching, grasping, and transferring objects  
  • Social skills: learning manners through interacting with other students and structured games  
  • Language: rapid vocabulary development through singing, conversations, and naming objects  
  • Autonomy: toileting, washing, dressing, and preparing snacks 


Now accepting Infants ages 6 weeks-18 months

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