Montessori academics is an “aid to life” educational system. It helps children cultivate their intelligence and independence in the most crucial stages of early development. Our Montessori environments are set up with areas in Language, Mathematics, Sensorial, Activities, Cultural Subjects, and Practical Life. Everything in our classrooms is designed with the students in mind. Learning materials are beautiful and self-correcting, arranged within reach, so students are empowered to be independent in their learning journey. Educators provide lessons – then children are free to choose which subjects they are most interested in exploring. Our Montessori curriculum includes subjects like Music, Art, P.E., Spanish, and Computer classes.




Cypress Creek Frisco Montessori offers a remarkable out-of-home setting for infant care in Frisco. Our infant Montessori school offers a serene, warm environment that helps ease the transition from home to the classroom. We believe close communication between the parent and the teacher is the foundation for providing individual and personal care for your child.

Dr. Maria Montessori, the founder of this philosophy of education, said we should create the same environment as the mother’s womb. An environment that is warm, nourishing, secure, and encourages the freedom to develop. Our Cypress Creek Infant Program provides just that.


Infant Curriculum

  • Gross motor movement development with daily tummy time.
  • Fine motor skills and hand-eye coordination: playing different games like target kicking, pounding, throwing, and more.
  • Sensory skills: exploring felt books and built-in textures.
  • Cognitive skill development: recognizing shapes, colors, sounds, and basic number concepts.
  • Language: one-on-one interaction, speaking to the infants, and reading stories.
  • Music: musical movements and rhythm.
  • A play area designed to encourage free movement.


Children at this age should be treated with consistency and sensitivity to lay down the foundations of a cooperative relationship. Our experienced teachers meet each child’s needs calmly and lovingly. Everything about our Cypress Creek Toddler Program is thoughtfully designed with small, child-sized tables, chairs, shelves, and learning materials.



By age three, children have established the foundation of their personality as individuals, learning everything through their senses. Explanations are given to encourage their innate curiosity and ensure their understanding grows. Guided by their inward teacher, the child will develop dignity and become the architect of their own mind.



The primary stage of development is considered the “conscious phase” of the absorbent mind. Cypress Creek Primary School Program focuses on normalizing this through caring handling, which helps the child come to terms with themselves and the outside world. The normalized student will develop a love of child-led activities (referred to as “work”) and order. They will be able to concentrate and find joy in their independence, initiative, and self-discipline.


Extra Curricular Activities

Cypress Creek Frisco Montessori provides extra-curricular activities at a separate fee if enough families express enrollment interest. These programs offer convenience to parents looking to extend their children’s learning experience beyond the scope of Cypress Creek Montessori academics. Please check with Cypress Creek Children’s Montessori about the programs currently available.